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Victim of capitalism Kangana Ranaut says bye bye to airport looks

Actress Kangana Ranaut has bid adieu to airport looks and has called herself a “victim of capitalism” and has “gone past” the phase.

Kangana took to Instagram, where she took the credit for starting the trend of the airport look in India. She shared a string of airport looks.

She captioned the picture slide: “Only person to blame for starting the stupid trend of airport looks.”

She then tagged herself as a “Victim of capitalism”.

“Brainwashed by magazine editors and fashion industry. To look a western woman so that I only fill the pockets of international designers. Ashamed to repeat clothes always buying without any care about the impact of my choices on the environment.”

“While I act like a bimbo, the system hails me as a fashionista to encourage me to promote more international brands while my own people like weavers and handicrafts men dying slow and steady death. Then they shrewdly start to price tag everything I wear making it a vanity issue for me and guess what I fall for the trap now more than style it’s about brands even for a genuinely stylish person,” she added.

Kangana said that fashion brands make “you work for. Them for free by just sending clothes and bagsthey start to hijack cultures and tradition of an entire civilisation.”

Bidding adieu to the trend of airport looks she added: “If this is how an Indian woman. Looks then what does an American woman look like? Bye bye airport looks we have gone past that phase. Now it’s time even if I buy one piece of clothing, I ask myself how many Indians benefit from this!”

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