Anti-Terrorism Forum opposes state honours for Gaddar s funeral

The government of Telangana’s decision to conduct last rites of revolutionary balladeer Gaddar with state honours has come under flak from Anti-Terrorism Forum (ATF).

The organisation alleged that the government’s move amounts to an insult to the police personnel and civilians who were martyred in the fight against Naxalism (Maoism).

ATF secretary Ravinuthala Shashidhar said that Gaddar, with his revolutionary songs, attracted youth towards the Maoist movement. By taking up arms against democracy, Maoists killed thousands of policemen. They also targeted ordinary citizens and nationalists.

Shashidhar said in a statement that Gaddar through his poetry prepared youth to become. Anti-nationals and take up armed struggle against democracy and the decision of the Telangana government to conduct last rites of such a person with state honours deserved to be condemned.

The ATF leader said that the state government’s decision is an insult to police martyrs. Who laid down their lives to safeguard democracy and maintain law and order. He also believes that the decision will hit the morale of the police force.

Shashidhar said the government’s decision will upset the families of police martyrs. He suggested that the Police Officers’ Association should also open its mouth and make the government withdraw its decision.

He said this should not be seen as cremation of an individual. If last rites are conducted with state honours, this would mean making the police force salute Maoism.

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