New facility at Mumbai International Airport

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) has introduced a new facility that allows for ease in transfer for passengers connecting domestic flights from Terminal (T2).

Travellers with domestic flight connections at CSMIA can now easily transfer with reduced transit time. With rising passenger footfall for domestic as well as international travel, this new Domestic-to-Domestic (DTD) addition to CSMIA’s transfer offerings will further make the airport experience much smoother.

CSMIA, is one of India’s first airports to bring an initiative to make transit experience convenient and hassle free for travellers.

With an endeavour to smoothen passenger travel experience, this dedicated space has pre-embarkation security checks. This transfer area will considerably cut down the Minimum Connection Time (MCT) for transfer passengers and crew members, thereby enabling passengers with a shorter time gap between connecting flights.

Besides, it will add flexibility to the airline operators in planning their flight schedule and rostering of crew members as they will now be able to accommodate passengers with a lesser time interval between their connecting flights. This enhancement will make the journey seamless for our passengers who otherwise would earlier exit & re-enter the terminal and further wait for their onward flight will now be able to reach domestic departure concourse without undergoing the process of re-entering the terminal building.

Commenting on the development, CSMIA spokesperson said, “The new facility is designed to provide passengers with a more efficient and seamless transfer process, faster processing times, and direct access to the departure concourse, ultimately leading to a smoother and more enjoyable travel experience. CSMIA continues to enhance its offerings and services from time-to-time for passengers to benefit through it.”

A spokesperson said that with best-in-class services and state of the art infrastructure, CSMIA constantly reinvents itself to provide ingenious solutions that offer seamless transit for passengers travelling via the airport. With domestic travel on the rise and summer travel booking seeing a surge, this dedicated space would benefit passengers to travel faster, smoother, and more conveniently than ever before.

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