UIDAI launches nation-wide drive to update Aadhaar operators on policy changes

The Unique Identification Authority of India UIDAI launches nation nation-wide capacity building drive to augment efficiency of Aadhaar.Operators across the country.Which will sensitise them about the latest changes in policies and procedures in the Aadhaar ecosystem, and cut down errors at operator level during enrolment, updates and authentication processes.

Electronics and IT Ministry sources said that the exercise will significantly improve the experience of residents. In fact, as part of the initiative, the UIDAI launches nation has already conducted. Around 20-odd training sessions in several states to enhance the expertise of operators.

As operators work at the ground level and are responsible for the enrolment.Update and authentications, it is imperative that they possess a sound understanding.Of processes guidelines and policies, sources said. a statutory authority established under the provisions of the Aadhaar.

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The training sessions already conducted have equipped nearly. 3,500 operators and master trainers with the latest knowledge and mechanisms of enrolment, update and authentication processes. They can initiate the process of knowledge dissemination and spread the acquired information further as well, sources said.

Besides, over 100 more such full-day training sessions will be conducted by the UIDAI during the year across the country.

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