Disney Star delivers highest-ever ratings for IPL 2023 playoffs

Disney Star, the official TV broadcaster of IPL, announced a ground-breaking achievement. As it delivered the grandest playoffs in the history of the league, accompanied by unprecedented viewership and ratings.

“The IPL 2023 playoffs have shattered all records, achieving. An astounding 44% (Figures are for M15+ including OOH) increase in ratings compared. To the previous year, surpassing the previous highest-rated playoffs recorded in IPL 2020. This extraordinary accomplishment demonstrates. The unwavering support and enthusiasm of cricket fans nationwide, cementing. The broadcaster’s position as the premier sports broadcaster in India,” a statement read.

Among the thrilling encounters that unfolded during. The playoffs, the match between the Gujarat Titans and the Mumbai Indians (Qualifier 2) left an indelible mark on the cricketing landscape. This clash witnessed an unprecedented Peak. TV Concurrency of 6.1 crore (Figures are for 2+ U+R including OOH) captivating fans across the nation. Not only did this match command immense attention, but it also soared to new heights, becoming. The highest-rated playoffs match ever. The intense battle on the field and the players’ stellar performances. Kept viewers on the edge of their seats throughout the match.

“The unparalleled success of the IPL 2023 playoffs is further accentuated by the colossal TV viewership numbers. The live broadcast of the IPL 2023 amassed a staggering 49.6 (Figures are for 2+ U+R including OOH) crore viewers and 40902 crore minutes (Figures are for 2+ U+R including OOH) of consumption until the finals, reaching unprecedented heights and setting a record for any IPL season.”

Sanjog Gupta, Head of Sports, Disney Star said, “The unparalleled viewing experience. On Star Sports combined with the phenomenal quality of Cricket played during IPL 2023. Has delivered unprecedented viewership on TV. The broadcast of TATA IPL 2023 was built on three strategic. Pillars – ‘Big,’ ‘Community,’ and ‘TV Redefined,’ driven by our overarching purpose of serving fans.

‘Big’ involved elevating the scale of the event in terms. Of its competition, teams, rivalries & heroes; ‘Community’ was about targeting key audience cohorts. And driving the habit of community viewing through the #BetterTogether campaign; ‘TV Redefined’ meant offering fans. A richer, more immersive, and customised viewing experience. We are overjoyed that friends, families & communities have come together to enjoy IPL on Disney Star. And want to thank all fans for their overwhelming support. We would also like to express gratitude towards players, teams & the BCCI for putting up such a riveting spectacle.

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