25 mn employees now returning to offices globally in hybrid work era

As hybrid work becomes the new normal, at least 25 million employees are now returning to office some days in a week globally.

According to data shared by anonymous working professionals portal Blind, which tracked return-to-office (RTO) policies of more than 1,500 companies globally, 883 companies have a RTO policy requiring at least one day in the office, affecting 24.9 million employees in all.

About 46 per cent of companies require in-office work three or four days a week.

Only 9 per cent of companies require five days a week of in-office work, including Broadcom, Goldman Sachs, United Airlines, X and more, the data showed.

Another 500 companies’ RTO policy is team, job function or location-dependent.

About 350 companies are now fully remote post the pandemic, according to the data.

The Covid-19 pandemic sent companies worldwide into a frenzy, as they imposed work-from-home rules and shut their facilities.

Starting last year, Big Tech began asking some employees to return to work, which took shape and now most of the companies like Apple, Meta, Amazon, Google, Microsoft have adopted the hybrid work culture.

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