McAfee s new AI-based product to spot, block scams in real-time

McAfee, a global leader in online protection, on Thursday launched AI-powered McAfee Scam Protection, which will help Indian consumers proactively spot and block scams in real-time.

McAfee Scam Protection’s AI technology will detect and protect against dangerous links and works across Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Firefox. Text alert functionality is currently only available for all Android users with enhancements coming to iOS in October. 

McAfee Scam Protection is available as part of a free seven-day trial of McAfee Mobile Security. After the trial period, it can be purchased as a monthly or annual subscription.

“McAfee Scam Protection combines advanced AI with the very best in human threat intelligence. To spot and block fake emails, texts, and social media links proactively, so you can go about your day worry-free,” Greg Johnson, McAfee Chief Executive Officer, said in a statement.

As cybercriminals these days are creating more convincing, personalised scams at scale. With the help of AI, the company said that its McAfee Scam Protection will proactively spot and block the scam for consumers. 

For example, whether a delivery message or bank notification text is genuine or not, McAfee’s patented. AI technology will detect malicious links in real-time and alert users before they click by sending an alert message. Even if a user unintentionally clicks on a malicious link, Scam Protection will prevent the site from loading.

“Today, cybercriminals are using artificial intelligence to dramatically improve. The accuracy, sophistication, and speed of an attack, making it harder than ever to tell real from fake. It’s why we all need the most advanced, innovative AI working in our favour, to proactively. Protect us, in real-time, before we even know we’ve been targeted,” said Johnson.

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