Meta’s new headset to feature better MR tech: Zuckerberg

Meta Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the new next-generation consumer headset which will be launched “later this year” will feature better mixed reality (MR) technology.

“The Meta Reality ecosystem is relatively new, but I think it’s going to grow a lot in the next few years,” Zuckerberg said in the company’s latest earnings release.

“Later this year, we’re going to launch our next-generation consumer headset, which will feature Meta Reality as well, and I expect that this is going to establish this technology as the baseline for all headsets going forward, and eventually of course for augmented reality (AR) glasses as well.”

He also mentioned that there are now more than 200 applications on the company’s virtual reality (VR) devices that have made more than $1 million in revenue.

Last month, Meta had improved its Quest’s hand tracking technology with the new Hand Tracking 2.1 update, which features upgrades in reliability, accuracy and system pinch quality to improve the consistency and flexibility of hand inputs in users’ VR applications.

Meanwhile, the company had introduced a new heart rate tracking feature and Health Connect by Android integration on Meta Quest, so that users can keep track of all their fitness statistics.

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