NaMo App unveils ‘Abki baar 400 paar’ module, urges users to become ‘400 Paar Ambassadors’

 The NaMo App on Friday launched ‘Abki baar 400 paar’, a unique and innovative module aimed at strengthening and fortifying the democratic process by enhancing the participation of people and the electorate in polling.

With ‘Abki baar 400 paar’ module, the personal app of Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeks to encourage the supporters of PM Modi and BJP to participate in the democratic process and help galvanise support for achieving NDA’s goal of over 400 seats in the Lok Sabha.

The module features engaging activities and information in interesting formats to encourage voter awareness and participation.

Notably, PM Modi has given a call for ‘400 paar’ in this election and the BJP election machinery is in top gear to achieve the same.

This module will encourage and mobilise voters to cast ballot in maximum numbers on the voting day, and thus raising the possibility of achieving this target.

Those who sign up for this cause will be referred as “400 Paar Ambassadors”.

The module will also take users to 3 other modules in the NaMo App, encouraging them to create awareness about Bharat’s transformation in the last 10 years under PM Modi-led government.

The module offers unique features such as the Modi Meter 2024, where users can predict the number of seats the NDA will win in the General Elections 2024 in the nation and their state and predict the win of the NDA candidate in their particular constituency.

The Amrit Peedhi Ke Sapne module allows users to swipe up and envision their dreams for a Viskit Bharat@2047, while the ‘Aaye Hain Dur Tak Jayenge Aur Aage’ module showcases national issues of the past, present, and future.

This will allow users to engage and mobilise voters digitally and on the ground, aiming to boost voter turnout.

Users can become proud ‘400 Paar Ambassadors’ through a selfie campaign as follows: Cast Your Vote: On election day, upload a “Mera Vote Modi Ko” selfie to show your support. Urge Family members to Vote: Take a “Mera Parivar, Modi Parivar” selfie with your family to inspire them to participate. Mobilise Your Neighbors to Vote: Upload a “Hamara Ilaaka, Modimaye” selfie with your neighbours to create a sense of community and unity. Persuade Friends to Vote: Take a “Hamara Vote Modi Ko” selfie with your friends to spread the message even further.

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