Now reply with emoji reactions in Gmail on Android devices

Google has finally introduced the ability to react to an email with an emoji on Android devices. The feature will roll out gradually, starting with Android users and coming to web and iOS users over the next few months.

“On your Android device, express yourself and quickly respond to emails with emojis. In Gmail, you can find the emoji reaction option on each message,” the company said in an update.

This is how it works. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Gmail app.

“Open a message you want to reply to. Below the message, tap Add emoji reaction Insert emoji. From the picker, select an emoji you want to use. To display more emoji, select More . The emoji you select appears at the bottom of the email,” said Google.

To discover who reacted to an email, touch and hold the emoji reaction you want to check. To reuse the reaction someone else added to the email, tap the existing reaction chip.

Depending on your “Undo Send” settings in Gmail, you have from 5 up to 30 seconds to remove an emoji reaction after you add it. 

To remove an emoji reaction, in the notification at the bottom of your message, tap Undo. You can only change the “Undo Send” period on your computer, according to Google.

There are a few restrictions though with sending emojis. 

You won’t be able to use emoji reactions with your school or work accounts. 

The emoji reactions also won’t be available if the message is sent to more than 20 people, to a group email list, if you’ve been bcc’d, and in a few other instances. 

Most importantly, you won’t be able to react to a message if you’ve already sent more than 20 reactions to that message.

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