X to notify you when post on which you wrote a Community Note gets deleted

X Corp (formerly Twitter) on Saturday said it will now notify you about the person who deletes a post you annotated with a Community Note.

If you add a Community Post to a post on X, it will tell you about the person who wrote the post deletes it.

The aim of the Elon Musk-run platform is to give people with the ability. To add Community Notes another tool to keep other users accountable.

“Contributors consistently say their goal is to keep others well-informed. This can happen when a helpful note appears on a post, and also when an erroneous post gets deleted,” the company said in a post. 

“Starting today, writers will be notified when a post on which they wrote a note gets deleted,” it added.

Earlier this week, X announced that people rating a note will see more note proposals. So they can consider other notes before submitting their rating.

Last week, X Corp allowed users to add community notes to misleading or AI-generated videos on its platform.

“Not just for images anymore, introducing notes on videos. Notes written on videos will automatically show on other posts containing matching videos,” the company said in an update. 

X said that this is a highly-scalable way of adding context to edited clips, AI-generated videos, and. More and is available to all top writers and eligible Community Notes contributors.

Notes automatically show on posts that contain a matching image — a superpower for addressing AI-generated images, edited photos, and more.

Musk launched the community notes feature (formerly known as Birdwatch) last year and expanded to several countries.

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