Telangana breathing fresh air of freedom, liberty: Governor

 People in Telangana have given a clear mandate to liberate themselves from 10 years of repression in the recently-concluded Assembly elections, and the state is now breathing fresh air of freedom and liberty, Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan said on Friday.

Addressing a joint session of both the Houses of the state legislature, she appreciated the collective wisdom of the people.

Claiming that Telangana has been liberated from autocratic rule and dictatorial tendencies, the Governor said, “The people’s verdict unequivocally shows that they will not tolerate any repression. This verdict has become a cornerstone for civil rights and democratic rule.

“The iron barricades that divided rulers from the people have been dismantled. I feel proud to say that the glass houses and obstacles have been removed and the true people’s governance has begun.”

On the third day of the first session of the newly-elected Assembly, the Governor addressed the joint session of both the Assembly and the Legislative Council.

She noted that the new Cabinet is a judicious combination of youth and experience led by a young leader.

“The combination of youth and experience in the Cabinet would fulfil its promises and reach its goal. My congratulations to the newly-formed Cabinet,” she said.

Soundararajan said that 2023 will remain in history as the year that ushered a new beginning for Telangana’s journey.

“People are experiencing the change already. I am happy to inform you that the fruits of change will reach the people in full measure in the new year. The government is taking steps to give freedom, liberty, equal opportunities, and social justice to people along with taking governance within the reach of each and every citizen. I am sure the state will tread on the path of progress and bring light to the lives of farmers, women, youth, and the poor,” she said.

Soundararajan also mentioned that Chief Minister Revanth Reddy, at the time of swearing-in, made it abundantly clear that in a democracy, the rulers are people’s servants, not feudal lords.

“Our governance is moving forward and taking steps in this direction. The Praja Vaani programme is the first step in this direction. This is people’s government, and it is people’s governance. People can express their problems and get their grievances redressed by the government at any time. Now, the situation is such that each and every member of the society can proudly declare that this is their government. Our governance will soon become a role model for the entire country,” Soundararajan said.

The new government also thanked all the people, parties, leaders and the then UPA Government and then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for creating a separate Telangana state in 2014, respecting the decades old aspiration of the people.

“On behalf of four crore people of Telangana, the present government thanks Sonia Gandhi, then chairperson of UPA, for the key role she played in the process of creating Telangana as a separate state. I once again pay my humble tributes through this House to the martyrs who laid down their precious lives,” she said.

Stating that in tune with the six guarantees promised before the elections for the welfare and development of the people, Chief Minister Revanth Reddy has signed the file giving legal sanctity to the six guarantees soon after his swearing in.

She also mentioned that within 48 hours of entering into governance, the government has implemented two out of six guarantees. Women are given free travel facility in the RTC buses. The other promises made under the Mahalakshmi scheme will be implemented very soon.

The government will lay out a definite and time-bound action plan to implement the other guarantees promised in the poll manifesto such as the Mahalakshmi Scheme, Rythu Bharosa, Gruha Jyothi, Indiramma Houses, Yuva Vikasam, and Cheyutha, within 100 days of its governance.

The administration is actively preparing an action plan based on the promises made in the poll manifesto, she added.

The Governor also said that the government has decided to take stringent measures against the use of banned drugs and narcotics in the state and to totally eradicate them.

Like the elite and exclusive Greyhounds and Octopus, a full-time Director is appointed to the Telangana State Anti-Narcotic Bureau (TSNAB).

“The government is very serious about the matter, as it is harming the youth, and destroying their career and future. I am making it very clear from this House that no one will be spared if they are found guilty in drugs case,” she said.

She also promised that the government will render justice to all those sections that were subjected to discrimination and oppression.

“We will take into consideration all sections of people, farmers, students, employees, the poor, SC, ST, BC, minorities, retired employees, martyrs’ families, people who took part in the Telangana statehood movement, workers, etc., and welfare and development action would be based on these sections,” she said.

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