Telangana People’s JAC launches awareness campaign for LS polls

Telangana People’s Joint Action Committee (TPJAC), an umbrella group of intellectuals, civil society leaders, and people’s organisations, on Thursday launched an awareness campaign in the state for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

TPJAC convener Prof Haragopal, along with the co-conveners, leaders of various people’s organisations and senior civil society leaders, launched the 10-day campaign here.

The campaign will be held all over the state in the form of district-wise local yatras, rallies, meetings, press conferences, pamphlets and posters, to explain to people the issues facing the nation and the need to oust the BJP government at the Centre.

Haragopal said that instead of speaking about the real issues and aspirations of the people in the election campaign, the BJP leaders, especially Prime Minister Narendra Modi, are referring to issues like Muslims and Mangala Sutras and are sidetracking the discussion.

He called upon the people of Telangana to recognise that in the last 10 years, the economy has gone completely bankrupt with rising unemployment and steep price hikes. People are struggling with the problems of daily life, but ignoring these, the PM is campaigning on the basis of religion, he alleged.

Prof. Rama Melkote criticised the BJP leaders for “completely violating moral values”, citing the case of its Karnataka ally JD-S’s candidate Prajwal Revanna, who has been accused of rape

“The people of Telangana have lived in religious harmony for centuries, but now the BJP leaders are filling that atmosphere with hatred, and people should not be fooled by them,” she said.

Telangana Jana Samithi President Prof Kodandaram alleged that due to the government’s economic policies, some people became billionaires, while the rest of the people are stuck in poverty.

Kavitha Kuruganti, the national leader of Bharat Jodo Abhiyan, said that anti-BJP winds are blowing all over the country, especially in north India, and said that the BJP should have no place in the south.

TPJAC co-conveners Kanneganti Ravi, Ravichander and Maisa Srinivas appealed to the people of the state to make this campaign a success.

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