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The surreal beauty of the Nordic Island

 While Iceland has been on almost everyone’s travel bucket list, the picturesque locations highlighting the surreal beauty of the Nordic Island were also featured in Bollywood movies and songs. These have inspired many travellers to indulge in the scenic pleasures that Iceland has to offer. One of the most iconic songs – ‘Gerua’ from the blockbuster movie Dilwale starring the global heartthrob Shah Rukh Khan elevated the craze of Indians wanting to visit the Island to a whole other level.

Watching one of the most loved on-screen pairs SRK and Kajol romancing in these gorgeous spots ignited the spark of travel among Indian explorers promoting Iceland as a hot tourist spot for all premium Indian travellers.

Seizing the opportunity that it got after ‘Gerua’ which was shot at the most scenic locales showcasing its stunning backdrops, magnificent mountains, mystical glaciers, mesmerizing waterfalls, breathtaking rainbows, and all the more attracted niche Indian travellers. Check out this itinerary by Shivangi Johri, an ultimate adventurer, vlogger, and digital nomad. With her jaw-dropping travel itineraries published via her digital studio on the Alike* platform for travel content creators, you’re in for an unforgettable journey through Europe.

Beating the Summer Heat

Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland is home to one of the most spectacular places on Earth- Seljalandsfoss. The gorgeous sunset shot behind the waterfall in the song was from this incredible place. It is the perfect escape from the bashing summer sun, the cool breeze from the waterfall acts. As a soul rejuvenator leaving everyone relaxed. Visiting the waterfall during the golden hour offers the best views and is one of the few waterfalls. That you can walk behind, giving a chance to all curious enthusiasts to see what lies behind this beauty.

For everyone who loves the rainbow or has never seen one, the iconic rainbow waterfall in the song lies near Skógafoss and is the place for you to be. This impressive waterfall known for its 15m width and a flat drop of 60m will steal your heart away. You can climb up to the top of the waterfall to witness some amazing views or even take a dip in the cold water that is surely going to refresh your spirit, a perfect way to find relief from the Indian summer.

The surreal beauty of the Nordic Island

The Bollywood lovers

Every one of us fell for that beautiful yellow saree shot, where Kajol looks effortless flaunting. The yellow saree with the backdrop of black sand beach and basalt rock columns making the shot extremely cinematic. The Reynisfjara Beach popularly known as Black Sand Beach is a highlight of Iceland with stunning rock formations. But is also one of the most dangerous beaches with sneaky waves reaching up to a high of 40 metres. Just proceed with caution and you can recreate your version of the iconic yellow saree scene.

The Plane Wreck is the same plane where SRK poses at the beginning of the song. It is not a prop but an actual flight that crashed in 1973 and has been considered an artifact since then. The plane crash lies on the black sand beach of Sólheimasandur and poses as the perfect prop. For all SRK fans to channel their inner SRK by re-creating their version of the world-famous SRK pose.

The surreal beauty of the Nordic Island

The Winter Wonderland

The mountain backdrops that had everyone drooling in the song Gerua are from Vestrahorn. The magnificent mountains in Southeast Iceland are breathtaking, making it a treasured place. For every individual who cherishes in the lap of winter. The snow-decked mountains covered by a thick white blanket. Look like heaven on Earth making it one of the most photogenic spots.

The floating icebergs and glaciers shown in the song feature Iceland’s natural crown jewels, Jökulsárlón. The place is recognized for its glory and beauty as the melting glacier has led to the formation. Of the lagoon that drifts out the melting glacier to sea, which is then polished. By the waves and thrown to the shore creating semi-transparent ice pieces. As a result, the beach has many ice pieces that sparkle like diamonds. In the sun and is recognized as a Diamond Beach. 

The surreal beauty of the Nordic Island

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