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Corruption is not in Chandrababu s blood, says Nara Lokesh

Corruption is not in Chandrababu Naidu’s blood and his arrest in the alleged Skill Development is only an attempt to tarnish his image, said his son and TDP general secretary Nara Lokesh.

Lokesh told a news conference here on Monday that all the allegations made against the former chief minister are totally false.

Lokesh said that Chandrababu was never involved in any kind of corruption. “Corruption is not in his blood,” he remarked. Pointing out that Mr Chandrababu is a national-level politician, Lokesh stated that 42 Skill Development centres were set up to impart training to 2.13 lakh youth.

The TDP leader claimed that it was Ajay Kallam Reddy, a retired IAS officer and now advisor in the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO), who granted permission for the project and asked why his name was missing from the FIR. Not even a single charge-sheet has been filed in the past two years in this case, he pointed out.

He dared the ruling party leaders to prove as to how Chandrababu got this money. He said there was no proof whatsoever that Chandrababu accepted money from anyone. Since there is no mistake committed, these persons could not prove it, he said.

Lokesh alleged that it was Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy who prevented the arrest of his party MP Avinash Reddy, in the murder case of his own paternal uncle, when the CBI came to Kurnool. “For Mr Jagan, power means taking revenge on opposition leaders,” he remarked.

Jagan’s sole aim is to file false cases against the leaders of opposition parties, Mr Lokesh said. And felt that those who are now making baseless allegations should have to pay the price one day. Making it clear that he will continue his fight, Lokesh dared the government to register any number of cases against him.

“I am now in Rajamahendravaram and anyone who wants to take me into. Custody can come and arrest me,” Lokesh said. Stating that he will continue to chase this government, Lokesh said that. The Jana Sena chief, Pawan Kalyan, whom he treats as his elder brother, will certainly stand by him. Also, the party activists and leaders too will extend their support to him, he said.

Lokesh asked as to why the cases pending against Jagan, including 10 CBI cases, seven ED cases. And 21 others, are not coming for hearing for the past 10 years. This clearly indicates how the systems are being managed, he remarked.

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