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This 65-year-old snack seller is the new social media sensation across India

Vasanti Akhani has been making buzz on social media with her Instagram reels. The 65-year-old woman is the new social media sensation garnering appreciation from the youth as well as the elderly.

With a large family on Instagram, the snack seller turned digital creator’s story is nothing short of motivating.

Rise to fame – Vasanti Akhani

  • Vasanti Akhani is a content creator and social media influencer. She is famous for making lip syncing videos on popular songs and dialogues.
  • Originally from Gujarat, Akhani has been reportedly living in Delhi for the past 35 years. She used to run a street side shop dealing in homemade snacks. The woman worked hard all her life to provide her children with good education and a meaningful life.
  • Every time she posts an Instagram reel, her comment section floods with people from all over the country sending her love and positivity.
  • Akhani has a following of over 1,98,000 on Instagram as of now. Popular social media influencer Dolly Singh is also one among her thousands of followers.
  • Though Akhani doesn’t know English, she confidently posts videos with singer Justin Bieber’s songs playing in the background. In one such video, we see her syncing her lips to Bieber’s famous song Love Me.
  • In an interview with BBC Hindi, Akhani said that the young generation of social media users reach out to her saying that she inspires them. Even the women of her age tell her that she helps them enjoy their lives. She said that homemakers are also coming to the fore and making videos drawing inspiration from her.
  • Besides receiving praise, she also gets to hear that she should concentrate on “praying” instead of making videos. But paying no heed to such negativity, she continues to brighten up our lives amidst the pandemic.

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Tejaswini Pagadala

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