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Akshay Kumar pays tribute to Indian army, celebrates Diwali with jawans

Actor Akshay Kumar spent a day with the Jawans and even celebrated Diwali with them.

This Diwali, ‘Jai Jawan’ featured Akshay, dedicated to honouring the courage and valour of the Indian Army.

Akshay said: “I am very excited to be here. My father was a soldier in the army, so my heart since childhood is connected to the army. Seeing the uniform makes me proud and I am honoured to be here.”

The actor also witnessed demonstrations of different techniques employed by the army, including the water plume technique, various ied techniques, and combat engineer activities such as bridge construction, helipad construction, and demolition.

Akshay, with his characteristic zest, actively asked questions and absorbed insights into the challenges faced by the army in safeguarding the nation.

During his interactions with the jawans, Akshay expressed his excitement about being part of the episode and conveyed his deep connection to the army.

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