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Mansion 24 trailer blends jump scares with nerve-wracking tension

The Telugu horror-series ‘Mansion 24’ has now released its trailer. Combining a tone similar to ‘The Conjuring’ and ‘Haunting in Hill House’, the Varalaxmi Sarathkumar-starrer series’ mixes jump scares with subtle, tense building of horror.

The horror-series centers around supernatural occurrences in what is a haunted mansion as those who venture there never return.

‘Mansion 24’ features some horrific glimpses of babies crying, women inside. TV sets talking, bloodied kids with lidless eyes, bloodletting, screaming and mysterious occurrences.

There is some very tense music and great visuals which compliment and accentuate. The series’ on-the-nose horror, though there is a good mix of silent subtlety which blends very well with the aesthetics and its tone.

The mansion is an abandoned and dusted old place where a daughter goes to try and find her father who vanished mysteriously and never came back.

This prompts the protagonist to set out to the mansion despite warnings from people that once. You go you may never come back, as she is determined to prove her father’s innocence after he was branded a traitor.

There are also elements of the ‘Annabelle’ franchise present as a creepy doll is just seen hanging. From a tree while the mansion in question is a huge dusty and broken place, with a design almost similar to a palace. But what lies inside is definitely not any kind of regality.

The production here is visually beautiful and knows how to create the vibes. Of proper horror, blending in an aesthetic that combines the settings of old Indian folklore regarding. Ghosts and witches with a modern take which also mixes in Western concepts.

The story details are largely unknown except for its most basic premise though it is said. In the trailer that the house, by its very nature is a malicious entity with a mind of its own. And it essentially devours those who come in through the presence of spirits and ghosts of people long gone.

‘Mansion 24’ will stream on Disney+ Hotstar on October 17, 2023.

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