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Shreya Ghoshal: My connection with Indian Idol is deep-rooted

 National Award winner and prolific singer Shreya Ghoshal, who is all set to be seen as the judge in ‘Indian Idol 14’, shared about her connection with the show, and said she is looking forward to grooming the raw talent.

Shreya, Kumar Sanu and Vishal Dadlani have come together to form the judges panel, who will nurture the raw talent of aspiring singers handpicked from across the length and breadth of the country, with Hussain Kuwajerwala returning as the host for Season 14.

Featuring unique voices that hold the power to evoke a gamut of emotions, the show’s credo ‘Ek Awaaz, Laakhon Ehsaas’ is sure to resonate with audiences, this season will witness participants with stories that entertain, intrigue, and inspire as they attempt to impress the judges with their singing prowess.

Shreya is determined to find the best of the best and will not only test but also correct. The singing of the contestants as and when they falter, leading by example.

Kumar Sanu debuts as a judge on the show and as the most senior member. On the panel, he will teach participants through anecdotes and learning of his rich experience in the field of music.

Vishal will strive to look for the best ‘3D’ performances that tick mark range and texture, the potential. To achieve perfection and ‘gaane ko nibhana’, while motivating and providing constructive feedback to aspirants.

Talking about the same, Shreya said: “Since its inception, Indian Idol has been synonymous with discovering and nurturing exceptional singing talent. My connection with this show is deep-rooted, both personally and emotionally.”

“With Season 14, the thought of ‘Ek Awaaz, Laakhon Ehsaas’ beautifully captures the essence. Of a single voice that holds the remarkable power to bring. Alive a multitude of emotions in the heart of the viewers. I am looking forward to grooming the raw talent of the aspiring singers. Who will grace the stage in this edition of the show,” she added.

Vishal said: “The absolutely stellar voices we have come across. In the audition phase carry the power to evoke the entire range of emotions in a listener. I always look for authenticity in a contestant – be it in their voice or in the journey. That has brought them to this prestigious national platform, one that has served as a launchpad for so many before them.”

“It’s essential for them to have a deep connection with the music that they perform. Originality, versatility, and the ability to emotionally reach the audience are key factors. That make a contestant stand out in my eyes,” added Vishal.

Kumar Sanu commented: “Over the years, Indian Idol has become a cultural. Phenomenon, uniting both families and music enthusiasts across the nation. I am confident that Season 14 will be a spectacular journey like no other, showcasing India’s musical richness.”

The promos of the audition rounds have set a high bar — be it Mumbai’s Subhadeep, who will sing. A stunning rendition of ‘Ami Je Tomar’ (from ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2’) that astounds Shreya, who commended him, saying. “You were incredible”, or Adya Mishra from Faridabad, who is poised to win over the judges with ‘Namak Ishq Ka’ (from ‘Omkara’) that led Vishal to compliment her, saying, “I have never heard a female voice quite like this before.”

Kanpur’s Vaibhav Gupta wowed Kumar Sanu with his take on ‘Humka Peeni Hai’ (from Dabangg) and. Saw the music maestro requesting him to sing a section again, while host Hussain will be seen cheering. On the contestants from backstage and in front of the cameras.

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