Parliament passes Women’s Reservation Bill after RS unanimous nod

The Parliament on Thursday passed the Women’s Reservation Bill with the Rajya Sabha giving its assent unanimously, a day after the legislation — Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam, 2023 — was cleared by the Lok Sabha.

With no member voting against the Bill, it received a total of 215 votes in the Upper House. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also present in the Rajya Sabha during the voting.

Earlier, on Thursday evening, he had requested the Rajya Sabha MPs to pass the Women’s Reservation Bill unanimously. 

PM Modi on Thursday thanked all the members of Lok Sabha for their participation in the discussion. And passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill on September 20.

Speaking just after the commencement of the day’s proceedings, the Prime Minister said. That the passage of the bill was a golden day in the history of India’s Parliamentary journey.

“All members deserve this honour equally. After the passage of the bill by the Rajya Sabha today, we will cross the final barrier in making this bill a reality and women across the country will be filled with renewed energy and vigour to take the nation forward on the path of progress,” Modi said earlier in the day.

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