India wins Women’s Snooker World Cup after beating England

Team India A defeated England A 4-3 (26-56, 27-67(51), 61-41, 52-27, 11-68(34), 64-55, 39-78) to win the 2023 Women’s Snooker World Cup here at the Hi-End Snooker Club.

Represented by Amee Kamani and Anupama Ramachandran, both unranked on the tour, India A exhibited skill and determination as they overcame established players on the World Women’s Snooker Tour — 12-time world champion Reanne Evans and current world number four Rebecca Kenna to lift the title on Monday.

“It feels like magic and all the hard work that I have done has paid off and this is just the start. I just want to keep winning every world title, that is what I look up to, but for now I am super happy and proud because I have made my nation India proud,” Kamani told World Women Snooker.

Kamani also revealed that the feat was to be even more remarkable as the pair only decided to enter the team event shortly before the entry deadline, looking to gain valuable match practice ahead of the start of the upcoming World Championship at the same venue.

Teammate Ramachandran added: “I am really happy because this has been my first tournament with World Women’s Snooker and the first couple of days I was finding it really hard to adjust to the tables, it was like a completely new environment for me but I just wanted to enjoy what I was doing on the table and not thinking too much about whether I win or lose. I was going shot by shot and that really helped. I have no words!”

The snooker continues in Thailand with the staging of the World Women’s Snooker Championship, which begins on Tuesday and will run until March 4.

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