Electric-2 wheeler that charges within 12 minutes arrives in India

Battery tech startup Log9 Materials on Tuesday announced the launch of India’s fastest-charging two-wheeler commercial electric vehicle (CEV) in partnership with Hyderabad-headquartered EV firm Quantum Energy.

The two companies jointly unveiled a new vehicle model called ‘Bzinesslite InstaCharged by Log9’ which is powered by Log9’s RapidX 2000 batteries, enabling it to go zero to zip within 12 minutes.

The e-2W has been designed with unique features such as great speed, quick acceleration, superior range (80-90 kms), multi-theft alarm and multiple driving modes.

Log9 and Quantum Energy will be working hand-in-hand. To fulfill their target of deploying 10,000 2W InstaCharged EVs across India by March 2024. In areas like e-commerce, food delivery and courier services, among others, in the last-mile logistics sector.

“With our fast-charging and long-lasting RapidX 2000 battery. Integrated in Quantum’s 2W, Bzinesslite, we are bringing India’s fastest charging electric 2W. To the logistics sector that suits tropical climatic conditions,” said Kartik Hajela, Co-founder and COO, Log9.

The companies will soon deploy 200 Bzinesslite e-2Ws in Hyderabad. Through Whizzy Logistics — a logistics fleet service provider enabling hyperlocal deliveries.

“We are thrilled to introduce our revolutionary product ‘Bzinesslite’ developed in partnership with Log9. Plug it, charge it, and repeat. Unlimited fast charge and stress free,” said Chakravarthy C., Director, Quantum Energy.

The Bzinesslite e-2W is also compatible with public chargers, enabling high utilisation of the current charging infrastructure.

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