Google rolling out new generative AI tools to create impactful ads

Google is rolling out new generative AI-powered features to create more impactful ads, generating new text and image assets for campaigns in just a few clicks.

If you’re a creative agency or brand, you can generate new headlines, descriptions and images via Performance Max ad campaign product, letting you quickly try new creative concepts on top of your existing ones. 

“Then, you can use image editing to try variations of both existing and generated images,” Google said in a blog post late on Tuesday.

‘Performance Max’ was launched as the first-ever AI-powered campaign in 2021 to work across all Google Ads inventory, including Search, YouTube, Display, Discover, Gmail and Maps. 

“We announced generative AI features in Performance Max at Google Marketing Live earlier this year and today we are starting to roll them out as a beta to all customers in the US. This will make Performance Max even better at helping marketers scale and build high-quality assets that drive performance,” said the company.

With the help of your knowledge and expertise, Google AI will generate assets that help you reach customers across all of Google’s performance inventory and formats. 

Performance Max will also take performance data into consideration when suggesting or generating certain assets for your campaigns to help your ads perform well.

You’re always in control and can decide which assets you want to add to your campaign and any images generated will be unique to your business or client. Google AI will never create two identical images, said the company.

The users will also have greater flexibility to enhance both generated and existing assets with AI-powered image-editing capabilities directly in Google Ads. 

All accounts will have access to image editing by early 2024 through the Google Ads asset library, said Google. 

“For businesses with fewer creative resources, you can bring your creative vision to life in a few prompts and generate high-quality assets in seconds to build out your campaign’s assets from scratch,” said Google.

Google said it has guardrails in place to prevent its systems from engaging with inappropriate or sensitive prompts or suggesting policy-violating creatives.

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