Tech careers not promoted at schools, colleges: India s young workforce

Nearly 46 per cent of young professionals reported that tech careers were not promoted much to them during early education at schools or colleges, with that figure rising to 50 per cent for women, a new report showed on Monday.

According to Wiley’s emerging talent and reskill training partner, Wiley Edge, about 8 per cent. Of young professionals said they never received sufficient information about tech careers, including 10 per cent of women, and they instead relied on independent research about careers.

“The results emphasise the critical importance of bridging skills and diversity gaps within organisations to create inclusive workspaces. Particularly, there is a pressing need to encourage and engage entry. Level talent, especially women, not only to consider. But also to thrive in tech careers,” said Archana Jayaraj, Director, Partnerships & Talent APAC, and Head of Wiley Edge Operations in India.

The survey included 200 senior IT decision-makers and approximately 1,000 young. Professionals aged 21 to 25, working in Indian tech enterprises. 

When asked about the motivation for entering the tech sector, about 39 per cent said. That their independent research on various industries led them to believe that tech provided. The best opportunities, despite limited education and encouragement in school or college.

According to the report, 35 per cent were inspired by prominent figures or media, 23 per cent received encouragement from friends, 23 per cent possessed a natural affinity for science and mathematics, and 21 per cent were influenced by their parents.

Overall, 45 per cent reported positive experiences in the tech industry, with 30 per cent describing. Them as mostly positive, however, women highlighted specific challenges they encounter.

Among the women surveyed, 25 per cent felt uncomfortable in their current. Roles, and 34 per cent expressed a desire to leave their roles because they felt unwelcome or uncomfortable.

Moreover, the report showed that a substantial 69 per cent of companies actively. Recognised and attempted to address the lack of gender diversity within their organisations. 

However, 8 per cent are aware of the problem but grapple with knowing how to approach it and. 3 per cent have come to accept the lack of diversity as a normal occurrence in the tech field.

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