PhonePe’s Share.Market to introduce proprietary stock research using factor analysis

Share.Market, a PhonePe product, brings forth the Intelligence Layer on Stocks — an in-depth quantitative factor-based analysis of each stock, a first-of-its-kind in the discount broking industry.

The intelligence layer integrated with the product feature and execution layer ensures that investors are provided with comprehensive wealth solutions in a DIY mode within the discount broking framework.

Navigating the complexities of the stock market and making informed decisions can be daunting for investors especially when faced with intricate data analysis, such as understanding a stock’s fundamentals or monitoring its price movements. Share.Market’s Intelligence Layer eliminates this need. Instead, investors can rely on its comprehensive factor-based analysis to make their decisions with confidence.

“We are redefining discount broking by shifting the focus from transactional processes to comprehensive wealth solutions. Factor analysis was always embedded into our WealthBaskets and Collections products and by bringing it onto individual stocks, we have now made it accessible to all investors in a consumable format,” said Ujjwal Jain, CEO, Share.Market.

“By providing actionable intelligence in a user-friendly format supported by educational content, we anticipate higher increased engagement on the platform as well,” he added.

This Intelligence Layer empowers investors in multiple ways such as factor-based analysis, comparative insights, in-depth collections research, and a larger universe of stocks.

In factor-based analysis, investors gain access to quant-based research on all stocks at no additional cost. By evaluating stocks across five key factors — quality, value, momentum, volatility, and sentiment — investors can assess each stock’s potential and suitability for their portfolio.

With comparative Insights, investors can compare a stock’s factor scores with those of its peers, enabling them to make nuanced investment decisions.

In-depth collections research will allow investors to analyse stocks featured in Share.Market’s WealthBaskets or Stock Collections, gaining valuable insights into why these selections were made, enhancing their understanding.

In the larger universe of stocks, Share.Market encompasses all listed stocks with published data within its universe, bridging the gap in research, and being within the discount broking framework.

Launched last year, Share.Market, with Zero A/c Opening Fee, offers a wide spectrum of investment products such as stocks (intraday and delivery), Mutual Funds, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), and WealthBaskets, allowing investors across different demographics to build a well-rounded and balanced portfolio.

Additionally, for a limited duration, Share.Market is also offering Zero Brokerage on cash delivery and intraday, and Zero Brokerage on F&O.

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