Twitter to Prioritise ‘Verified’ Accounts

Twitter to Prioritise ‘Verified’ Accounts, Twitter CEO Elon Musk on Tuesday said that verified accounts on the microblogging site will now be prioritised.

“Verified accounts are now prioritised,” he tweeted.

Twitter to Prioritise ‘Verified’ Accounts, This development might give special attention to people who have had their accounts verified.

For instance, if your account is verified, people looking at Twitter are more likely to see your posts.

Last week, Musk removed all legacy verified accounts with Blue check marks.

American actor Charlie Sheen publicly begged Musk to return his blue Twitter check mark.

Sheen, like thousands of others, lost his official verification badge after a site-wide purge of legacy verified accounts.

He was among the ones who refused to pony up for Twitter Blue – Musk’s $8-dolllar-a-month subscription service.

However, Sheen’s blue check was soon restored.

Amitabh Kant, the former chief executive officer of NITI Aayog, also lost the Blue Tick on Twitter.

Earlier, it was said that Twitter will not remove verified status from the government accounts and accounts being run by government officials.

Kant’s Blue Tick has not yet been restored.

Moreover, Twitter’s ongoing Blue Tick saga took yet another twist later, as many influential and famous users have had their blue checks restored by Musk, despite not subscribing to the service.

Numerous influential and well-known Twitter users globally have had their Blue verification badges reinstated next to their usernames.

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