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Nayanthara looks back on Tamil film ‘Aaram’, calls it an ‘extra special film’

Malayalam star Nayanthara has reminisced on the six years of her 2017 Tamil film ‘Aaram’ and called it an “extra special” film.

Taking to her Instagram, the actress posted a picture of her character from the film, and wrote: “6 years of ‘ARAMM’. This film will always be extra special”

Her social media was flooded with positive comments regarding her performance in the movie, with many calling it one of her finest hours to date. Indeed, back when it was released Nayanthara received a lot of critical and audience acclaim for her performance.

The political drama was directed and written by Gopi Nainar who himself won best director in all the mentioned award celebrations. The drama centered primarily around her character as an IAS officer who is struggling to make her mark as a collector.

Eventually heading up to a small village, she soon discovers a web of crime, corruption and negligence in the local system. For its deep themes and her performance, the movie was a major milestone for the actress.

After her Bollywood debut in Atlee and SRK’s mega-blockbuster film ‘Jawan’, Nayanthara will next be seen in the Tamil film ‘Annapoorani: The Goddess of Food’ on December 1, 2023.

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