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Coffee lover s delight

From the refreshing Kafe Tonic to the indulgent Banoffee Latte, these new creations from The Kind Roastery and Brewroom’s Monsoon Coffee Brews promise to take coffee lovers on a delightful journey of taste and aroma.

Kafe Tonic: For those seeking a revitalizing twist, the Kafe Tonic presents a harmonious blend of tonic and ice topped with a shot of perfectly pulled espresso. The contrasting elements create a refreshing symphony that’s both invigorating and satisfying.

Kind Cold Brew: Brewed with care and patience for a full 24 hours, the Kind Cold Brew stands as a testament to the cafe’s commitment to excellence. Enjoy it on the rocks to experience the full-bodied richness and smoothness of this meticulously crafted beverage.

Coconut Cold Brew: Elevating the cold brew experience, the Coconut Cold Brew infuses the rich flavor of coconut into the brewing process. After a patient 24-hour infusion, the result is a tropical escape in a cup, offering a perfect balance of coffee and coconut notes.

Banoffee Latte: Indulgence meets innovation with the Banoffee Latte. This exquisite creation combines the sweetness of caramelized banana and toffee with the cafe’s signature blend of high elevation coffees. Topped with a velvety milk foam, this latte is a harmonious blend of flavors that’s both comforting and luxurious.

Coffee Cookie Dough Shake: Rounding off the collection is the Coffee Cookie Dough Shake, a treat that satisfies both coffee and dessert cravings. This delightful shake combines the rich flavors of coffee with the comforting sweetness of cookie dough, creating an irresistible fusion.

Bon Bon: A Spanish Delight of Layered Indulgence

Embark on a sensory journey with Bon Bon, a Spanish coffee masterpiece. Cascading layers of velvety condensed milk, robust espresso, and ethereal milk foam create a symphony of flavors and textures. The depth of espresso meets the sweetness of condensed milk, elegantly contrasted by the airy milk foam. This harmonious concoction is more than a beverage – it’s an artful representation of Spanish coffee culture, inviting you to savor every sip.

Pistachio and Berries Cake: Nutty Elegance with Berry Burst

Indulge in the Pistachio and Berries Cake, a harmonious fusion of textures and tastes. This delightful confection unites the earthy opulence of pistachios with an orchestra of assorted, ripe berries. A tender crumb carries the nutty essence, beautifully balanced by the burst of juicy berries. Each forkful tells a story of contrast, where the subtlety of pistachios meets the tangy, vibrant notes of berries. Elevating dessert to an art form, this cake promises a journey of flavors that’s both sophisticated and joyfully familiar.

Florida Key Lime Pie: Tropical Tang in Every Bite

Transport your taste buds to sun-soaked shores with the Florida Key Lime Pie. This zesty dessert embodies the essence of the tropics, boasting the unmistakable flavor of gondraj limes. Wrapped in a buttery embrace, the tangy lime filling dances atop a delicate crust, a symphony of textures and flavors. With each forkful, the pie offers a refreshing escape, evoking the spirit of palm-fringed beaches and the allure of coastal breezes.

Founder’s Arjun Shhetty & Pallavii Gupta, expressed their excitement about the. Monsoon Coffee Brews, stating, “We’ve meticulously curated this collection to cater to the diverse preferences of our patrons. Whether you’re an aficionado seeking new dimensions of coffee or someone exploring. The world of flavors, these brews have something exceptional to offer.”

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