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‘Hanu Man’ premiere shows sold out in pre-booking

 The anticipation among the audience for the upcoming superhero film ‘Hanu Man’ is reaching new heights as all the premiere shows of the film are sold out. The film, which stars Teja Sajja in the lead role, promises to add a new dimension to the superhero landscape of India.

The film, directed by Prasanth Varma, was in the making for over two years given the director’s attention to detail. The film’s narrative weaves seamlessly through Indian scriptures and mythology, introducing not just a superhero but an entire universe of characters rooted in the rich tapestry of India’s culture.

Varma’s passion project, driven by a desire to connect the modern audience with ancient tales, ignited a spark. The promise of a superhero born from Indian ethos, coupled with the prospect of unravelling unexplored facets of the nation’s mythology, became an irresistible draw. In response to overwhelming demand, additional shows have been added for the next day.

Talking about the same, the director said: “The initial shows were met with thunderous applause. Word spread like wildfire, fueling the intrigue surrounding the film. The audience, hungry for a fresh take on the superhero genre has showered us with love and I can’t be more grateful.”

‘HanuMan’ is presented by RKD Studios, while PrimeShow Entertainment (Niranjan Reddy) is the producer of the film. Venkat Kumar Jetty is the Line Producer of the film.

The film is set to release in theatres on January 12.

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