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Unsaid Fears behind Telangana Assembly Election Result

With Elections for Assembly just a few days away, people of Telangana have many apprehensions about this election. Of course, the 2023 election looks tough for the ruling BRS but it also seems likely that the Grand Old Party, Congress, also stands a chance at leading the state. 

Irrespective of the election fight or campaigns around, here are some of the apprehensions and unspoken fears among the state’s citizens. 

  1. After the formation of Telangana in 2014, many felt that the state would fall back and struggle to meet basic needs. However, the story overturned and Telangana became the shining example for the country, in terms of investments, infrastructure, development, welfare and agriculture. So, if there’s a change in government at this point of 10 years of stable government, will the development continue at the same pace or will Congress be an obstacle for its growth?
  2. Let’s say Congress wins the election, can Revanth Reddy be the Governing Head and ensure that there won’t be any infighting within the party? Is Congress capable of growing the state the way BRS did and ensuring stability in all aspects? 
  3. Will minorities and other communities get more importance while there is also a history of riots under the Congress regime? How will the law & order situation be tackled? 
  4. If BRS comes to power, will the land prices be exorbitantly high where the hope of a dream house for a common man will be unreachable? Given that private lands have been encroached upon by BRS leaders in the state, will there be any safety for people’s private properties in future? 
  5. If Congress wins the assembly election, will the Congress High Command dictate terms on what the Chief Minister should do? How can the party ensure that it will have only one CM for the full term, unlike its track record of changing CMs often, based on its whims & fancies.

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